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Section Second Violin


announces an opening for the 2023-2024 season:




Audition Dates: November 13 – 14, 2023

Resume Deadline: September 1, 2023

Repertoire List

Music Packet


Start Date: February 1, 2024 or by mutual agreement. Salary and leave allowances will be pro-rated based on start date.

The 2023 – 2024 season is 46 weeks.

Section minimum annual salary $59,855.84.


Please send a one-page resume by e-mail to:

A limited number of highly qualified candidates will be invited to audition. Audition winners must be eligible to work in the U.S.
Visit for more details.
The FWSO is an Equal Opportunity Employer and
supporter of The National Alliance of Audition Support (NAAS).

Audition Procedures

Prior to your audition, read all of the FWSO's audition procedures. 

National Association for Audition Support (NAAS) Partner

The FWSO is proud to be a partner of the National Association for Audition Support. To learn more about this initiative, click below.