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General Audition Procedures

- Prior to the preliminary auditions, the applications for the vacancy may be screened by the Audition Committee, and audio recordings may be used in the screening process. Based on this screening, the Audition Committee may, at their option, limit the number of candidates invited to audition or invite a limited number of candidates to begin the audition in the final screened round.


- The screening process is open (names remain on resumes) but can be anonymous at the committee’s request.

- Preliminary rounds shall be played behind a screen. For the purpose of further evaluation, the Audition Committee may require a candidate to perform multiple screened rounds.


- A screen shall not be required for the last round of final auditions but may be used if the Audition Committee opts to do so.


- As part of the audition, finalists may be requested to play with members of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. For a Principal position, following the final audition round, candidates under consideration may be temporarily engaged by the Association to perform with the orchestra.



To preserve anonymity during the screened rounds of the audition:


- Committee breaks during preliminary and second round audition group time blocks will be carefully timed to avoid having candidates and committee members in the restroom area at the same time.


- All windows in the audition room will be closed during the audition.


- Carpeting will be placed on the floor in the audition room from the door to the candidate's position. Candidates also have the option to remove shoes before entering the audition room if preferred.


- Candidates will not speak during their audition and should only communicate with the audition proctor if there is any issue while in the audition room.

The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra is proud to support The National Alliance of Audition Support (NAAS), an unprecedented national initiative to increase diversity in American orchestras.  It will do so by offering Black and Latinx musicians a customized combination of mentoring, audition preparation, financial support, and audition previews. For more information, click here.