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To Miguel Harth-Bedoya

Thank You from the FWSO Family

Twenty illustrious years of Miguel Harth-Bedoya's visionary artistic leadership and growth has given patrons, musicians, staff, and members of the Symphony League of Fort Worth so many musical memories to cherish for a lifetime. Hear our devoted arts community take a moment to thank Miguel for two magnificent decades in the video below.

In Celebration of Twenty Years

Raise a Glass to Miguel Harth-Bedoya

Listen to a full stream of our October 2019 performance of Mahler's Symphony No. 3 conducted by Music Director Miguel Harth-Bedoya.

To read program notes for this piece, click on the following link: Program Notes - Symphony No. 3, Mahler

Sit back and relax to the musical selections of our very own FWSO family. The virtual listening lab will provide weekly postings of archival recordings, curated playlists from FWSO’s very own members and more to continue keeping the music alive in your home, throughout the local community and beyond.