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Keep the Music Playing | Swang Lin, Associate Concertmaster

Associate Concertmaster Swang Lin and his social distancing accompanist Yamaha Arius (his digital piano) are keeping the music playing this week with a performance of Salut D'Amour by Elgar!

Buddy Bray, Principal Keyboardist

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" has never sounded so good! Close your eyes and let your troubles melt like lemon drops as you listen to Buddy play. 

Qiong Hulsey, FWSO Violinist

We miss the concert hall, but nothing could keep us from performing for you on Friday nights. Violinist Qiong Hulsey is keeping the music playing as she performs Caprice No. 5 by Pierre Rode.

Keep the Music Playing | Cara Owens, Bassoon

Assistant Principal Bassoon Cara Owens tells us a bit about Bela Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra. If you are not a fan of 20th century music, Cara just might change your mind with how passionately she speaks about one of Bartok's most popular works.

Tribute to Management from the FWSO Musicians