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Puzzle Pieces: An Exploration of the Orchestra


The concert last approximately 40 minutes and is appropriate for early elementary students. Admission to Kinderconcerts is $7 per person (children and adults).

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Cultural Celebrations in America

Young Persons' Concerts

Young Persons’ Concerts last approximately 45 minutes and are appropriate for late elementary and middle school students. Admission to Young Persons’ Concerts is $7 per person (children and adults).

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Carnegie Hall's

Link Up

Melody is one of the universal elements of music and defines the music we know and love. A great melody can express ideas and emotions, help tell a story, and bring people together through song. Composers create melodies through a combination of rhythmic patterns, sweeping contours, and expressive qualities. Through the Link Up repertoire, hands-on activities, and a culminating interactive performance with a professional orchestra, we will explore what makes a melody great.

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