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If you are seeking a "How-To" on chasing your dreams, garnering a variety of experiences, and creating a community of your very own no matter where you go, look no further than the interviews below with FWSO musicians sharing their secrets to success!

Episode One

Chasing Your Dreams

Concertmaster Michael Shih wasn't always a member of the FWSO! Prior to winning his position, he had a thrilling career as a chamber musician which found him touring and performing in venues all over the world. 

If your dream doesn't sound exactly like Michael's career, that's totally fine! He has excellent advice which applies to the pursuit of every dream.

Episode Two

Diversity of Experience

Principal Keyboard Buddy Bray discusses saying 'yes' to new experiences as a student and how students can navigate new challenges to build confidence!

If you're looking to participate in a competition, set yourself up for success in live performance, or bolster your portfolio by going outside of your comfort zone, this interview is for you.